Home to more than two thousand residents and a lively tourism industry, Nanton is the town to invest in.

With rolling prairie to the east, the Canadian Rockies to the west, easy access to major cities in the north and a stone’s throw away from the U.S. in the south, Nanton offers a small town lifestyle with global economic reach.

Regional Industry SectorsSouthwest Alberta has three 

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The Nanton Competitive Edge

Nanton is a highly sought after destination for day tourists from Calgary. Not only is Nanton close to Calgary, a major urban centre of over 1 million people, the US border is only 2½ hours away. The wealth of farmland nearby fuels a diverse agricultural sector with a focus on cattle, grain crops and horses.

With the lowest overall tax regime in Canada, and below average labour costs, Nanton provides an excellent business environment coupled with a breathtaking natural backdrop of the Alberta Prairies and the Rocky mountains.

Interesting Features

Nanton is home to two fully restored grain elevators from the early 1900’s which have now been converted into the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre, a museum that allows visitors to learn about the evolution of farming on the prairies and understand the interesting historical significance of the these prairie giants.
The Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, a world class repository of aviation memorabilia, prominently features one of four Lancaster Bombers from WWII with restored, operational engines, in addition to many other warplanes from the same time period. The museum also conducts restoration and educational activities. Nanton is home to many antiques, collectables and boutique shops that line Nanton’s downtown streets. They are a major attraction for tourists that travel to experience the Antique and Artwalk of Alberta. 


A Diversified Economy

Nanton is situated in Southern Alberta’s prime farming and ranching areas. The local economy is primarily driven by the agriculture and the agricultural services industries, with tourism also generating significant revenue for the town. 

Continuing economic development is a top priority for Nanton. The town seeks to balance economic growth with sustainability and the preservation of the local “Authentic Alberta” culture. Although Nanton traditionally has been a service centre for the surrounding farms and ranches, in recent years light industry has begun to move in, taking advantage of low land costs and utilizing the skills of the local labour force. Current manufacturers include: beverage bottlers, grain and feed processors, cattle, poultry, food processing, concrete, livestock handling equipment, feed lots and saddlery.

Major Employers

  • Mountain Top Foods Ltd. (Food Processing)
  • Nanton Golf Club (Golf club)
  • 2-W Livestock Equipment Ltd. (Cattle/livestock handling equipment manufacturers)
  • Silver Willow Lodge (Senior's Residence)
  • J.T. Foster School/A.B. Daley School (Schools)

Market Accessibility

Nanton is located just 40 minutes south of Calgary, along the well-maintained Highway 2/CANAMEX trade corridor, which is the major North/South route in North America. It is also only 2½ hours away from the nearest US/Canada border crossing at Sweetgrass, allowing for speedy imports and exports and access to the CanaMex Cooridor. Highway 533 is the major artery highway leading to the East/West transportation routes.
The nearest airport is situated south of High River, just 20KM north of Nanton. It is an all-weather facility, with hangar, refueling and maintenance services. For the nearest international airport with regularly scheduled flights, the Calgary International Airport (YYC) is just a 75-minute drive away.  

Distance and times to major centres

Lethbridge Calgary Edmonton Red Deer Carway (US Land Crossing) Vancouver (Seaport)
121 km 92.2 km 383 km 231 km 168 km 1050 km
1.5 hours 1 hours 4 hours 2 hours 2 hour 11 hours

Interactive Map

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Industry Sectors

Nanton’s economic strengths lie in the agriculture, agribusiness, processing, and tourism industries.  The community’s transportation infrastructure has access to provincial, Canadian and international markets with its location on Highway 2, one hour from Calgary and a major international airport, its access to sea ports and the CanMex Corridor.  This makes the community very attractive as a transportation and distribution centre.  
Agriculture and Agri-business
Nanton is home to a thriving agri-business community including the production, processing and supply of agricultural goods that range from specialty crops like heritage tomatoes, to large scale food manufacturing of ready-made meals and snack foods, to retailers distributing equestrian products and stock.  There is a large farm and livestock equipment manufacturer that produces a series of products ranging from heavy-duty panels to cattle handing systems.   In addition there are farm equipment distributors.
The Tourism Industry

Nanton’s ‘Antique and Art Walk’ is a diverse collection of merchants and galleries, located within short distance from one another.  This concentration of retailers makes Nanton a choice destination for day-trippers out of Calgary and for individuals across Canada in search of unique treasures and collectibles.  

A special gem for historians and aviation buffs alike is the Bomber Command Museum of Canada.  The museum opened in 1992 in honour of those who served in the Bomber Command during World War II. Visitors can enjoy a personally guided tour and see full scale period airplanes as well as all sorts of World War memorabilia.   Planes continue to be lovingly restored by a large group of volunteers.

Visitors also come to Nanton to participate in and experience the Nanton Nite Rodeo, the longest running night rodeo in Canada. Nanton will also be privileged to host the Canadian High School Finals Rodeo for the next three years. Another draw for tourists is the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre. The Centre was created to preserve the history of Southern Alberta's rich farming heritage.  The Centre opened for tours in 2014 and it has a number of interactive displays.  

Additional attractions in the community include the Big Sky Gardens Railway, the Nanton Golf Club (a premier 19 hole golf course), and the Museum of Miniatures. Other tourist attractions in and close to Nanton include:

  • Chain Lakes Provincial Park
  • Porcupine Hills on the Cowboy Trail (at the intersection of Highway 533 from Nanton and Highway 22)
  • Aboriginal cultural site: Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
  • Local and regional rodeos
  • Western ranch vacations
  • Country Bed & Breakfast accommodation
  • Nanton Municipal Campground (60 sites)
  • Hiking, boating, canoeing and kayaking
  • Several annual regional festivals and events


Current Capital Projects

The Alberta Government is working in conjunction with the Town of Nanton to improve local infrastructure and further expand tourism capacity in the town. Some current and planned projects in the area are featured below:
  • Chain Lakes Spillway ($13.9M): To solve the problem of recent flooding as a result of water level increases in the existing dam and upgrade riparian gates in Chain Lakes Provincial Park.
  • Nanton Wastewater Treatment Plant ($8.5M): The current wastewater treatment plant is at the end of its lifespan, and a new facility is planned to meet the needs of the growing town. Construction on the new plant is scheduled to begin in early 2016.
  • Bomber Command Museum of Canada ($6.0M): This renovation will enhance the attraction by adding more outdoor and indoor space for aircraft display and special events. The upgraded facility will be available to the community to host major events. 
More information about major projects in Alberta can be found here.

Regional Industry Sectors

Southwest Alberta has three primary industrial sectors which drive its economic engine. For a detailed description of these industries click to learn more:
•    Agriculture
•    Tourism
•    Renewable Resources Energy


English is the primary in the community, with 2% of the population declaring French as their first language and 8% declaring a non-official language. Nanton has a very skilled workforce, with 60% of the population attaining some form of post-secondary education. The labour force participation rate of Nanton is 63%, primarily due to the large population of older adults in the town.

A complete table of population statistics for Nanton is provided by Statistics Canada
The Statistics Canada National Household Survey Profile for Nanton can be found here.
  • Population in 2016: 2130
  • Population growth since 2011: 0.1%
  • Population aged 15 and over (2011): 84.8%
  • Land area (square km): 4.87
  • Trading Area: 99,800 residents within100 kilometres, plus full access to the Calgary market (1.1 Million residents)
  • Number of businesses: 228 (2015)
  • Labour force: 1,080 persons (2011 NHS)
  • Employment: 1,025 persons (2011 NHS)
  • Unemployment: 60 persons (2011 NHS)
  • Participation rate (%): 63.3 (2011 NHS)
  • Unemployment rate (%): 5.6 (2011 NHS)
  • Employment rate (%): 60.1 (2011 NHS) 
  • Average house price (2015): $223,381.00
  • Number of dwellings: 925 (2013)
  • Utilities: Municipal water, sewage and garbage collection; Electrical – Enmax; Natural gas – Atco; Telecommunications – Telus. Persona Cable 
  • Time Zone: Mountain Time (-7 UTC)

English is the primary in the community, with 2% of the population declaring French as their first language and 8% declaring a non-official language. Nanton has a very skilled workforce, with 60% of the population attaining some form of post-secondary education. The labour force participation rate of Nanton is 63%, primarily due to the large population of older adults in the town.
A complete table of population statistics for Nanton is provided by Statistics Canada.
The Statistics Canada National Household Survey Profile for Nanton can be found here

Taxation and Cost of Living

Alberta boasts one of the most competitive tax environments in North America.  There are no capital or payroll taxes in the province. The only sales tax in Nanton is the Federal GST (5%), as no provincial sales taxes are levied in Alberta. 

How to calculate property taxes:


Municipally Owned Commercial Lots For Sale

Click here for a map of existing municipally owned commercial lots. For further information please contact the Town of Nanton at 1-(403) 646-2049.

MLS Business & Commercial Listings

View Commercial Real Estate Listings

  Municipal AFSS (School) Mosquito Creek (Seniors) TOTAL MILL RATE TOTAL TAX ($) Prior Year Tax Rate Increase (Decrease)
Residential 8.2169 2.3021 0.3218 10.8408 $2,493,586 11.5764 -0.7356
Commercial (Non-Residential 12.13129 3.5435 0.3218 15.9982 $814,492 16.4548 -0.4566
Water Usage Rates Waste Water Usage
Basic Rate (bi-monthly) $35 Basic Rate (bi-monthly) $44.75
1,000 - 4,000 gallons $4.10 1,000 - 4,000 gallons $4.10
4,001 - 8,000 gallons $8.25 4,001 - 8,000 gallons $8.25
8,001 - 10,000 gallons $9.10 8,001 - 10,000 gallons $9.10
10,001 and over $10.20 10,001 and over $10.20
Rate Description Administration Charges
  Fixed ($/Day) Cost of Energy ($/kWh)
E1 Residential Service 0.285 0.03851
E2 Small General Service 0.313 0.03854
E3 Large General Service 0.585 0.03736
Resident (Commercial): $100 /Year
Resident (Home Occupation): $120 /Year
Non-Resident: $200 /Year (or $30 daily, $125 weekly)

Large residential lots (5000 sq. ft.) are available for sale, with prices ranging from $50k-70k. The average resale home price in Nanton is $226,381 CAD (May 2015). The low cost of utilities, land, and real property make Nanton a very affordable town to live in. 

The Nanton Lifestyle

Nanton is a small, but prosperous community to live in.  With convenient access to most amenities within the town, Nanton also benefits from its proximity to Calgary. Education, healthcare, recreational facilities, and social services are easily accessible for residents.  The low cost of utilities, land, and real estate make the Claresholm a very affordable community to live in.  The average resale home price in Nanton is $223,381 CAD (2015).


Nanton has a variety of amenities for individuals seeking an active lifestyle. The Tom Hornecker Recreation Centre houses an NHL sized ice rink, curling rink, outdoor swimming pool, weight room, squash courts and a rifle range. There are also two fitness facilities in Nanton that offer classes such as yoga and tabata. The Nanton Golf and Country Club is an 18-hole golf course with driving range. Its beauty and difficulty attracts a steady stream of golfers from Calgary and nearby communities. Nanton also has walking paths, playing fields, rodeo grounds, and agricultural facilities, as well as well-maintained ball diamonds which host several large annual tournaments. Just 40km to the west, camping, hiking and boating provide the perfect escape at the nearby Chain Lakes Provincial Park or in beautiful Kananaskis Country.

Community Organizations

There are a multitude of churches in Nanton serving a diverse group of denominations. Other community organizations include the Nanton & District Chamber of Commerce, Booster Club, Beta Sigma Phi, Promoters, Lions Club, The Nanton Lancaster Society, Nanton Legion & Auxiliary, Masons, various sports and youth clubs, 4-H agricultural clubs, Scouts and Guides.


An elementary (K-6) and a secondary (grades 7-12) school serve the children of Nanton. Post-secondary institutions in the area include the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge College, and the Bow Valley College satellite campus in High River, in addition to the many available options in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.


Nanton has a community health clinic that provides physician and diagnostics services. The nearest hospital is located in High River, only a few minutes away. A comprehensive selection of healthcare services is available in Nanton, including dental, optical, physical & massage therapy, chiropractic, a pharmacy and two veterinary clinics.

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