The Farmers of North America listed Taurus as a preferred supplier for their cooperative of small producers and manufacturers. Their unique product line and the local talent of their management team has allowed them to triple their business since 1995.
Taurus has adapted to a changing marketplace, recognizing and meeting the increased demand for plant-to-ranch direct delivery that has made logistics management a high priority for their growing company.  Taurus's location in Cardston allows them ease of access to the CANAMEX Trade Corridor, efficient delivery throughout the western provinces and the ability to assist local ranchers in producing the high quality of beef that Alberta is internationally known for through their innovative product line.
Taurus Natural Inc. was founded in Alberta in 1952, growing to open their own mineral supplementation manufacturing and packaging facility in Cardston in 1975.  Continuing the expansion of their operations with the opening of a plant in Utah in 2005, they currently offer livestock mineral supplementation specialized for beef cattle, with additional supplement ranges for goats, horses, sheep, and a locally distributed line of pet food in southern Alberta.
Their product line reduces the likelihood of livestock health issues, offsets imbalances, increases breeding rates and results in longer animal mortality.  Since 2006 they have offered scientific cattle nutritional consultation, allowing for custom supplementation solutions for individual ranchers and shipping their products across the Canadian prairies to clients in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  Additionally, their raw natural trace mineral product is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed, which has led to increased demand throughout the United States.  

Sector: Agri-business

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